Baytown Coffee

Discerning coffee drinkers will love Baytown Coffee. Made from the finest quality 100% Arabica Beans and roasted in Waltham Abbey, this is a premium coffee that will have you coming back for more. The Baytown Coffee Company hails from Whitby, just a few miles from the Beach Hut in Filey – and it’s the coffee we use in all of our coffee shop drinks. Founded just a couple of years ago, it fills the need for a great quality coffee supplier on the East/North Yorkshire coast.

Now with the Beach Hut, you can buy this fantastic coffee online and have it delivered in no time at all. Just order using our secure system and before you know it, your home will be bathing in the sublime smell or freshly brewed Baytown Coffee.

The coffee can be bought in 250g pack for the home. There are four main styles of Baytown available. ‘The Bolts‘ is the Espresso blend that The Beach Hut uses in our drinks. This is perfect for cappuccino, latte, americano or straight espresso drinks. ‘Albion Street’ is a blend great for filters. ‘Ness Point‘ is a great tasting Decaff, and finally ‘Boggle Hole‘ is a darker roast perfect for a perky ‘pick me up’ in a morning or after dinner.

If you are visiting Filey or the East Coast, we stock the coffee retail packs at our Beach Hut coffee shop on the Coble Landing. Why not come and see us and sample the coffee first hand before taking home a retail pack or two!

Buy online from us and receive a free postage on orders over £20 order, and a free Beach Hut Mug if you want one! Order by 3pm and we will dispatch same day.

If you wish to collect your order from our shop in Filey, just select the collection option at checkout.

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