The Beach Hut Filey Iced Coffee Recipe

When it comes to Hot Summer days, or warm spring ones for that matter, sometimes a great hot coffee just doesn’t spring to mind. That’s where my years living in Greece come in and the excellent Greek Frappe’ Iced Coffee hot the spot perfectly.

Long before the Coffee Majors in the UK were promoting their summer coffee offerings, I was sat in the sweltering heat of Rhodes Town sipping ice cold Greek Coffee’s, in fact one of the first Greek sentences I learned was ‘One Frappe’ Medium with Milk Please!’

So, here is my recipe for the Iced Coffee we sell at my Beach Hut Cafe on the Coble Landing in Filey.

You will need

– One Double Espresso Shot of Baytown Coffee ‘Bolts’ Blend

– 5 Large Ice Cubes

– Four cubes of rough cut white sugar

– 350 ml Full Fat Milk

– Optional Caramel Flavour Shot


Depending on your Coffee set-up at home, produce a double shot of your preferred blend of Coffee. At the Beach Shack, we only use Baytown Coffee’s ‘Bolts’ blend. While the shot is still red hot, mix in your four sugar cubes until dissolved.

Place your ice in a large glass and pour in your milk. Next, add your shot of coffee and stir. At this point, you can add caramel to taste. And, that is it! You can alter the sweetness to taste but the key to this drink is a good strong 100% Aribica Bean coffee so as not to be too bitter.

Come down and see us to try one that we have made for you!